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Studies Plan

Full-time school consultant service for further study-to help students find ideal overseas universities



Student Service Center of PGA provides students with professional and authoritative study plan and personalized academic plan oriented by life career development, including track of daily learning and tutoring, advice on academic exams ,adolescents ' psychological and personality training, advice on overseas university study and so on.


As early as in 2011, Student Service Center started to regularly and systematically dispatch full-time school consultants to the teaching centers throughout China. These consultants have established sound interaction with students and parents. Through one-on-one interviews and timely helping students and their parents resolve the difficulties they encounter in the process of learning, the consultants could help students and their parents have a clearer view of the future path and thus make them much happier during the learning process. Meanwhile, Student Service Center of PGA has spent a large amount of money in constantly training these consultants and made constant commitment to establishing a professional team of further study consultants.