Room 1010, CBD International Mansion, No.16 East Yong An, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022, China
PGA 3+0 Curriculum


▪ Introduction of the Curriculum
Based on the principles of mutual recognition of Sino-American high school credit, the curricula from both schools are combined seamlessly . Within three year’ study in Chinese high schools, students are offered to study American High School Credit Courses, Certified Chinese High School Courses, Student Career Planning Courses, Preparation courses for International English Standard Test, and other optional courses. The US Credit courses will be mainly taught by teachers from the US high schools, and assisted by the American advanced global on-line teaching. The whole process including the submission of the homework, the evaluation of the grades and the graduation tests is completed under the supervision of American teachers to ensure the students’ academic level comparable to that of the American high school graduates. 

▪ Strengths of the Curriculum
The significant strength of this curriculum lies in the fact that through three years study, students will be able to master the US high school learning modes, knowledge and ways of thinking. As this curriculum can be connected with American universities, students can obtain more advantages in their applications for the top-ranking international universities (mainly for the USA). This curriculum is designed for those Chinese students who use American high school diploma for their applications.