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Managing System

Teaching Management Mechanism

▪ 24-Hour Security Management

PGA teaching centers should be established in partner schools and management mode of systematization, normalization, standardization and round-the-clock should be implemented in the centers. All PGA international students should live in the school.

▪ Small Classes with 25 to 30 Students

Classes of each PGA teaching center consist of only 25 to 30 students. Each teaching centre will be equipped with full-time teaching principal, education director and foreign teachers selected from a rigorous process. They will all gain systematic training and coordinate with each other to manage teaching and administration task.

▪ Handling of Student Complaint

Ideas of parents and schools will be collected regularly. Complaints and suggestions of parents and students will be replied and resolved within the shortest time.


Quality Supervision Mechanism

In order to ensure the high quality of PGA, PGA adopts international standards of quality supervision mechanism, including: 

▪ A Strict Admission Test

Students who apply for PGA study must attend a strict admission test. Their study plan will be made based on their test results. The English proficiency of each student must meet the requirements of the PGA admission criteria, and their high school entrance examination results must meet the entry requirements of PGA partner schools.

▪ Online Teaching and Student Management System

PGA has equipped with advanced online teaching system and student management system, including a series of functions, such as recruitment, enrollment, teaching, testing, evaluation, performance management, information release and so on. All of the students’ test results will be recorded in this system, under the supervision of the Teaching Management Department of PGA National Office. Apart from in-class study, students can use this system after class, which enables them to study based on their own plans. Parents also can login into the system to see about their children’s study at real time, so as to better help them with their study. Meanwhile, they can look into the learning progress of their kids through checking their usual, midterm and final academic achievements.

▪ Teaching Quality Supervision Mechanism

PGA adopts strict standards of teacher recruitment and owns a complete set of teaching quality evaluation system, a complete teacher training program, a strict teacher management system and a humanized management and incentive mechanism. Teachers will be evaluated regularly and seminars will be held.

International teachers of PGA program are mainly from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia equipped with teaching certificates and plentiful teaching experience. Adhering to the western education philosophy and focusing on the improvement of the students’ overall abilities, all of them have been tested to be qualified after being trained with ACT pedagogy and pre-job training provided by CCIEE . 


Communication Mechanism

▪ PGA Inter-school Annual Conference

Since PGA was launched in 2005, about 20 well-known high schools in China have been included in the system of curriculum R&D and communication based on the principle of mutual development and resource complementarity. This has not only promoted the healthy development of PGA, but also established an exchange platform in international curriculum for partner schools. PGA annual conferences have played a major role in teaching research, inter-school exchange, teaching assessment for Chinese curriculum and expert verification.

▪ PGA Newsletters

In purpose of promoting the development of PGA, improving the upgrading and supervision of foreign courses in academic area and strengthening communication of the partner schools of PGA, schools that attended the PGA inter-school annual meeting in 2011 agreed on complying and publishing PGA Newsletters, a monthly magazine for internal exchange of partner members. It was first published on May 1st, 2012 as a monthly magazine. 

▪ PGA Global Alumni Association

Up to now, there have been thousands of PGA graduates admitted by the most prestigious universities in the world, and the first graduates already started to work or continued with their further study in and out of China. The high quality of students and outstanding college enrollment rate have brought PGA great social reputation.

In order to strengthen the communication between PGA alumni in and out of China and reinforce the image of PGA brand globally, PGA Global Alumni Association was founded in 2015 in Beijing, the start-up of which has been greatly supported by the partner schools and have significant effect on the development of PGA brand.

PGA Global Alumni Association will organize various activities including college counseling, enrollment orientation, study tutorial, internship opportunity, career service etc. Additionally, the website and social media like wechat and QQ will be launched by PGA Global Alumni at the same time, through which the communication among alumni will become much more convenient.